LATRO Empowers Halotel Tanzania Revenue Growth with Bypass Fraud Management Solutions

LATRO Empowers Halotel Tanzania Revenue Growth with Bypass Fraud Management Solutions Introduction The telecom industry faces a relentless challenge with fraud, significantly impacting revenue and customer trust. Halotel Tanzania's partnership with LATRO exemplifies a successful strategy in combating this persistent issue. The Persistent Threat of Telecom Fraud Halotel grappled with SIM Box Fraud and [...]

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Confronting the Flash Call Conundrum: Detection, Monetization, and Real-Time Solutions for Mobile Operators

Confronting the Flash Call Conundrum: Detection, Monetization, and Real-Time Solutions for Mobile Operators Within recent years, flash calling has become a hot industry topic. This one-time password (OTP) or two-factor authentication (2FA) method involves triggering a missed voice call or over-the-top (OTT) call to subscribers, eliminating the need for a traditional application-to-person (A2P) SMS containing [...]

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Versalytics Intelligence™ for Advanced Telecom Fraud and Anomaly Detection

Versalytics Intelligence™ for Advanced Telecom Fraud and Anomaly Detection. In today's highly interconnected digital world, the telecom industry is grappling with vast amounts of data generated every second. With the proliferation of smart devices, IoT applications, and high-speed connectivity, the velocity, variety, and volume of data are reaching unprecedented levels. This era of 'big [...]

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Tackling SIM Box Fraud with Regulatory Restrictions – A Case Study

INTRODUCTION Protecting today’s international voice termination revenues is not easy work. Due to sophisticated and evolving fraud techniques, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) face growing challenges in detecting bypass terminations. The battle becomes even more difficult when Operators must comply with strict Regulatory restrictions that favor mobile subscribers over the Operator’s fraud controls. [...]

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LATRO Appoints Co-Founder Donald Reinhart as Chief Executive Officer

Lex Wilkinson and Don Reinhart founded LATRO more than a decade ago when the two came together following successful careers at Verizon Wireless and Tektronix, respectively. Today LATRO is a recognized and trusted brand within the international telecom revenue assurance and fraud management (RAFM) sector. As the company looks to the future, the two [...]

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LATRO Successfully Integrates Protocol Signature™ into Revector’s Detector Products

National Regulators, Telecom Ministries, and Law Enforcement can leverage the integrated solution to quickly detect and locate SIM Boxes even when fraudsters employ advanced tactics to avoid detection We recently announced the successful integration of our patented Protocol Signature™ technology with UK-based Revector’s IMSI Detector Technology, which is part of Revector’s RF-based IMSI Intelligence product line.  “Protocol Signature is an innovative approach to detecting and locating illegal 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile devices including GSM VOIP [...]

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Top 5 Fraud Trends During the Pandemic (and how our customers beat them)

For many of us, 2020 was a year that posed new and unprecedented challenges in our personal and professional lives. Despite the unexpected challenges, LATRO remained fully committed to providing customized solutions unmatched in effectiveness for our clients. LATRO’s products and services suite continued to provide international Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) with effective FMS tools to help them successfully navigate through [...]

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A Fraudster’s Tale

  The following post was written by one of our colleagues while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. LATRO works with telecom operators and law enforcement agencies around the world to geolocate and bust fraudulent SIM Box operations. The following story is a creative imagination of what a day in the life of [...]

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Focusing on the 5%. Why negative customer feedback matters to LATRO

In 2020, the GSMA reported over 5.1 billion mobile subscribers globally – this unprecedented level of connectivity and information is at an all-time high. Modern network monitoring technology has advanced, providing operators with enormous amounts of data. Understanding this information can prove to be a daunting task – especially for fraud teams. The ability [...]

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2019 Reflections That Inspire Us Toward 2020

I am not a reflective person by nature. I tend to always be looking ahead and working toward the next set of goals and challenges in front of me. During our 2020 kickoff meetings in January, I was reminded that pausing for reflection is not only healthy but an impactful way to position our [...]

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