How RAFM Vendor Consolidation is Benefiting LATRO

There have been several big merger and acquisition announcements over the last year within the RAFM vendor market. In particular, Mobileum, after having been acquired by a private equity capital firm, has executed a series of acquisitions, namely Evolved Intelligence, WeDo Technologies, and most recently, SIGOS.  We at LATRO are energized by these events. It bodes well for innovation and our collective fight against global [...]

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June Webinars: Mobile Money Assurance, Signaling Analytics & RAG TV Appearance

With COVID-19 keeping most of the world still inside, LATRO is striving to continue providing fresh, engaging and accessible knowledge sharing opportunities online that compel you to take action.   Thank you for all the positive feedback from our last set of webinars:  Handling Fraud during Tumultuous Times (English, Spanish, French) Tackling Wangiri Fraud Good news! [...]

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[Register for Webinar] Strategies for Combating Wangiri Fraud

There was a time when not returning a missed call would have been considered rude. But today, it could just a fraudulent call trying to make you call back a premium-rate number. Wangiri Fraud. Robocalls. Zero Duration calls. Single ring calls. Call it what you will, but we can all agree they are irritating [...]

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O Lojista, a Firma e o Único KPI que Importa

  Havia um Lojista que administrava um mercado de frutas bem-sucedido em uma área movimentada de uma grande cidade. O Lojista era conhecido por fornecer produtos da melhor qualidade, ter o melhor atendimento ao cliente e oferecer um preço competitivo - e foi recompensado com muitos clientes e com um negócio crescente e de [...]

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LATRO Confiscates 150 SIM Boxes in 100 Days (with PICS)

The first quarter of 2018 has proven to be a productive season for us as we focus on our mission to recover international voice traffic revenue for our clients around the world. In Q1 2018, LATRO partnered with mobile operators, telecom regulators, and law enforcement to locate and confiscate 150 GSM Gateways (fraudulent SIM [...]

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