I am not a reflective person by nature. I tend to always be looking ahead and working toward the next set of goals and challenges in front of me. During our 2020 kickoff meetings in January, I was reminded that pausing for reflection is not only healthy but an impactful way to position our team for the future and energize us for the work ahead. 


Our LATRO Team achieved countless victories in 2019, resulting in major wins for the heroes in our story: our customers. We protect incomes and revenues for our heroes so that they can deliver on their business results, realize their own individual and team goals, as well as empower their companies to fuel growth within their markets. We may be known for our enigmatic SIM Box Hunter, but it’s the difference our team makes every day in enabling our customers’ fight against fraud and vigilance over assurance controls that motivates us to earn our reputation as a Tier 1 RAFM partner. 


Here are a few reflections on last year’s wins:


Regulatory Authorities Eliminated More than 8,500 E1s of Illegal Grey Route Capacity in markets across almost all global continents as a result of our Geolocation investigations that helped enforce the use of licensed and secure voice network infrastructure worldwide. 


Greater than $1B of our Customer’s Revenues were Assured with hundreds of controls implemented to achieve reduced levels of risk in their businesses thanks to our expanded portfolio of RA products and services launched during the year. 


The RAFM Telecom Industry benefited from LATRO’s open contributions at the GSMA Fraud and Security Group, CFCA Educational Events, and Risk Assurance Group meetings throughout the year. We lead our peers in contributing toward RAG’s Wangiri Blockchain Ledger pilot, making our results in the detection of unwanted calls and call flooding available to all participants. 


We hosted a User Conference attended by professionals from more than a dozen nationalities across the globe. Our own experts as well as our key partners presented two days of information packed sessions around relevant technology and RAFM strategies within today’s market. 


Our Cellular Forensics Lab in the USA expanded its services offerings, supporting multiple major positive court decisions hinging on expert processing and analysis of mobile network evidence.  


ROCCO Research named us the leading SIM Box Detection Vendor in 2019 in its Tier 1 category. Our highest marks in the dimensions of Reliability, Customer Service, Technical Expertise, Reputation, Transparency and Value for Money reflect our core values and team professionalism. 


These highlights clearly deserve a moment of reflection. It was a privilege to celebrate our wins together as a team last month. And far from slowing us down, the pause to look back on our 2019 achievements only serves to propel us further toward even greater feats in 2020. 


We hope you will consider becoming a hero in 2020 by joining with us and being a part of the difference we are making in protecting incomes and fueling growth and development in the businesses and markets we serve.