At LATRO, we take pride in being able to partner with our customers to help them solve their complex business problems through the use of our innovative and unique advanced technology. One area we have proven ourselves a best in class solution provider? Helping you proactively solve  your SIM Box Fraud problem.  Read more about our Tier 1 SIM Box Detection vendor ranking in the 2019 ROCCO report here. 


We know that SIM Box manufacturers have advanced hardware and software technology capabilities to avoid detection by Fraud Management Systems and other conventional analytics​. Below you will find a downloadable infographic we have created for your convenient reference that easily breaks down how you can get rid of your SIM Box Fraud problem in 5 clear steps.  Let us help you combat the fraudsters today, no matter their tactics!


And good news – this infographic is the first one in our new series, so stay tuned for more! 


Download our free infographic now to take the first step in eliminating your SIM Box Fraud problem.