It started off as an idea in one of our casual meetings where someone thought it would make sense for our customers to have easy access to their market rates – all in one place. That idea was put to the test and we built Market Tracker™. We started as a web service collecting massive amounts of raw data, analyzing it, and curating it to provide insights to our customers on their market rates. At the beginning of 2020, we released the Market Tracker™ web service to all of our customers, and they loved it. By the end of July 2020, we had quietly released the mobile app version on both Apple and Android platforms and gave easy phone access to all of our customers.



What is Market Tracker?


Market Tracker gives Communication Service Providers (CSPs) insight into thousands of traffic rates for their country (including competitors’ rates). Our Market Tracker service is updated with thousands of new records daily. 


Before its inception, we knew that if people wanted to access the rate information of an entire country, it would take many hours of hunting and analyzing data. Further, we understood that if you were looking at rate trends across a whole continent, it would take days, if not weeks. Now with Market Tracker™, you can do this in seconds through a few taps on your phone.


If you haven’t tried our Market Tracker™ app yet, here are five key features that will give you an immediate advantage:


1. Access daily averages of route rates by CLI (White) vs. No-CLI (Grey) from ANYWHERE using your phone.  Route rates from over 190 countries are available on-the-go now!


Market Tracker Image 1


2. Visualize your network’s rates over time to quickly assess the effectiveness of your fraud controls as you implement them. 


3. Gain insight by comparing rates from operators of the same country on the same graph using the CLI vs. No-CLI button. 


Market Tracker Image 2


4. Isolated route rates by the individual traffic provider using the “Traffic Carrier Data” Button to determine which provider is offering the lowest or highest rates for a particular MNO.  


Market Tracker Image 3




5. Download the Market Tracker™ app from the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.  


I am proud of what the team has achieved through the Market Tracker™ service and app. Our goal at LATRO has always been to understand the challenges our customers face on a daily basis and innovate solutions that can make their lives easier. The Market Tracker™ tool is just another example of that fine vision. 


If you are interested in using the LATRO Market Tracker™ Mobile App, it is available for anyone to download and can be found on both the Apple iOS App Store and Google Playstore by searching the name “Market Tracker – LATRO”.   


For additional information, please contact us at