LATRO’s market-leading RAFM solutions empower our customers to beat fraud and surpass their toughest revenue assurance KPIs. In most cases, our customers benefit from not only our technology but also our associated managed services. When you partner with LATRO, you don’t just get the latest, high-performance analytics, you get us the professionals behind the brand. Let me explain. 


Company culture refers to the collection of beliefs, values, and practices that drives employees every day. Considered the holy grail to a company’s success, a strong, positive corporate culture is essential for employee satisfaction and nurturing talent. The advantage of happy employees is that they push to keep customers happier, which in turn drives company growth.  


Beliefs and Values  


The LATRO team believes in protecting operator and regulator revenue streams in developing markets in order to increase national investment and stimulate economic growth.  The company’s mission and vision are clear, which is essential to establishing the direction and progression of a company and achieving alignment.  It’s why we show up to work every day.  Further, understanding the core values that if embodied will enable our personal and corporate success, and thereby our customers’ success, is also key. Leveraging our advanced technology and diverse team of subject matter experts, LATRO strives to deliver value to our clients by solving problems in effective and practical ways. This concept is one of our 5 core values: “Simplifying the Complex through Innovation.” With our advanced team of network-focused and client-minded professionals, LATRO is also well-positioned to persevere in the presence of adversity and thrive in a multi-cultural global marketplace (two additional core values).  


Understanding LATRO’s core values and mission, and “the why” behind them, can also help those outside LATRO understand the strong relationships experienced between coworkers as we work together daily to support our clients.  Having worked at LATRO for the past 3 years as a Fraud Analyst, I have appreciated the positive and productive company culture I have experienced thanks to the team-oriented attitude that drives all LATRO employees towards providing industry-best service to our clients.  I have appreciated LATRO’s emphasis on “client-minded energy,” which often translates to close client interaction. 


At LATRO, we have an informal motto among ourselves – “The heroes in our story are our customers.” Without them, we would not be as successful as we are, nor as valuable. It is important to every member of LATRO that our customers succeed with our services and have positive personal experiences with our team. This is what defines and shapes our company culture and makes LATRO an exceptional place to work – together, we show up for our customers to enable their success.  




One of the most exciting parts about working at LATRO is facing new challenges each day. I find that each day is different as our team consistently looks for new and innovative ways to assist our clients with their fraud management needs.  With this also comes a strong level of respect and integrity among LATRO employees, as we often rely on cross-team support to leverage our diverse backgrounds. Personally, I have found endless learning opportunities through working with top-level industry experts across our team. It has been effortless to build personal and professional relationships with my coworkers, and I enjoy spending time inside and outside of the workplace as a part of the LATRO family.  For example, some of us have participated in different social and endurance events together such as Cross-Fit and Tough Mudder. Developing personal relationships and discovering common interests with my coworkers has contributed to my positive experience working at LATRO, and helped to drive our joint efforts to see our customers succeed.


Matthew Wienholtz, Meghan James, and Sarah Stirrup participating in the 2018 Tough Mudder Event


As a part of the Operations team, my job is often results-driven and measured through evaluation of our client’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and our internal team goals or Key Results. On a weekly basis, our Operations Team reviews our quarterly goals using the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework. I find that this approach to team and personal goal tracking has provided a positive environment that fosters my own learning, growth, and career goals. At LATRO, employee goal setting is strongly encouraged and as a company, we have clear objectives as well as key results for each quarter.   All of these practices help to reinforce employee engagement and ensure customer satisfaction. 


Stated simply, LATRO’s corporate culture is strong thanks to its beliefs, clear and concise values and mission, and the company’s practices that flow from these. I know why we do what we do, and it inspires me and my colleagues across the company to stay engaged and show up to work every day motivated to ensure our customers’ success.   


In conjunction with cross-team collaboration and positive employee relationships, is the importance of close client interaction.  Finding success in challenging environments such as competing time zones and language barriers requires client-minded energy and a knowledgeable, competent team of professionals.  We strongly encourage working closely with our clients to help educate one another on current fraud trends. We provide training to show our clients how we use our advanced technology to decrease fraud on operator networks and increase revenue. LATRO works hard to adapt and adjust our solutions to be beneficial to the unique fraud management needs of all our clients. We are extremely versatile and willing to provide additional analysis outside of the initial scope of a project. A unique aspect of LATRO’s company culture is our network of employees who have diverse backgrounds in various fields in the telecommunications industry. Each of our team members provides their own valuable insight and experience to our fraud management solution. 


Some photos from our various customer trips around the world (courtesy: John Glass)


At LATRO, we work hard to provide immediate results for our clients. Our operations consistently adapt and modifies fraud controls to continue to keep fraud levels low for operators and regulators. It is important to reiterate the value of working closely with our clients to help educate one another on current fraud trends and providing training to show our clients how our technology works. The positive company culture at LATRO positions us to be client-focused, delivering value and increasing industry knowledge.  


So, what is in it for you?


If you are considering a relationship with LATRO and looking to benefit from our innovative tech and industry-leading services, I can assure you that you will find a committed partner with vision. We work day in and day out to assist our customers in achieving their most challenging RAFM goals. We would love to share that culture with you and support you in your journey to recovering revenues and fueling growth in the telecom sector and global connectivity ecosystem.