Historically, Cell Phone Record (CDR) Analysis and Cellular Technology have been the source of invaluable concrete evidence used in criminal cases to lead to convictions.  And it’s likely they will continue to serve this crucial role in the courtroom.  Over the past three years, our Cellular Forensics Lab division has provided expert analysis for a number of cases, helping investigators and attorneys achieve major breakthroughs in their cases, and in some instances, bring justice and closure to the victims as well.  


Earlier this year, our COO/CTO Don Reinhart wrote an article entitled “How CDR Analysis Caught a Murderer,” capturing one such case.  First published on Commsrisk.com, it became one of the most read posts on that website, and is now also available for download on our website here: https://knowledgecenter.latro.com/cellular-forensics-lab-case-study-download


LATRO’s Cellular Forensics Lab (CFL) is also proud to announce that we are hosting a webinar next week to discuss how Cellular Forensics and CDR analysis can benefit investigators and attorneys, helping them close their cases faster. Our Lead Forensic Analyst, Tom Beiser, who also manages our CFL, will be presenting on how he works with attorneys, police officers, and private investigators to shed light on criminal cases using his expertise in Cellular Forensics and CDR analysis, as well as his background as a retired police detective.  


For a crash course on these topics, and/or to gain a sneak peek into some of the cases LATRO has worked on, be sure to register for this interactive webinar!  Tom will also be taking your questions.  It will be held next Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at 8 AM EST/12 PM GMT.  Reserve your seat today! If you can’t attend, the webinar recording will still be made available to you for two weeks if you register.    



Download “How CDR Analysis Caught a Murderer” article here!