LATRO Services, Inc. has successfully launched its Versalytics Fraud Management reporting engine within Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment. 


Clients seeking the fastest SIM Box and Bypass Fraud speed of detection KPIs can experience: 


  • The value of an automated 24/7 reporting engine complete with customized delivery options for auto-blocking of fraudulent SIM cards
  • User specified summary reporting formats and delivery schedules 
  • Analytics portal for total visibility to fraud detection metrics and root cause analysis


AWS is also the industry leading cloud platform and used by most of LATRO’s global telecommunication operator clients, so it only makes sense for us to offer the flexibility, versatility, and scalability of AWS integration with our innovative fraud control solution. Provisioning the industry’s fastest fraud detection capability within AWS means faster go-live timelines for our clients. 


Hosting our technology within a secure cloud-based platform allows us to avoid the costly timelines and support needed for provisioning dedicated physical server resources and associated IT infrastructure. Instead, we can focus on empowering our clients to exceed their RAFM KPIs more quickly and protect their businesses from daily revenue loss due to fraud. 




The AWS Global Infrastructure is designed and built to deliver the most flexible, reliable, scalable, and secure cloud computing environment with the highest quality global network performance. This means our clients benefit from high system uptime and nearly unlimited computing resources that scale with rapid growth trends in their businesses. 


LATRO has more than a decade of experience staying ahead of fraudsters. Leveraging the innovation and dependability offered from AWS, allows us to continue that best-in-class practice, offering our clients high value in addressing their RAFM objectives. LATRO also offers full on-premise and hybrid cloud options for system provisioning in order to meet any data governance requirements. We are the only company offering multiple layers of fraud control, essential to eliminating bypass and other costly frauds. AWS aligns with our strategy to speedily and comprehensively deliver our unique and effective turn-key, Versalytics solution to any telecom operator worldwide.