There was a time when not returning a missed call would have been considered rude. But today, it could just a fraudulent call trying to make you call back a premium-rate number. Wangiri Fraud. Robocalls. Zero Duration calls. Single ring calls. Call it what you will, but we can all agree they are irritating and one of the biggest causes for concern in the telecom industry.

(Did you know Wangiri is a Japanese word that means ‘one ring and cut’?)

So what can telecom operators do to protect their customers? Actually, there is quite a bit that can be done as a communication service provider. One of the latest initiatives was the RAG Wangiri Blockchain Project developed by Orillion Solutions. LATRO is proud to be one of the early and consistent contributors to that project that will benefit any operator who wants to stop this menace.

We will be looking at the Wangiri Blockchain Project and more in our latest webinar on May 12 at 11 AM GMT. Our own CTO/COO, Don Reinhart will be sitting down with Tony Sani, Executive Director of Orillion, to discuss practical strategies that operators can adopt to fight this fraud. Register today to get access to the live webinar and the recording after.

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