Ballad of a fraudster - on LATRO


The poignant piece of poetry you are about to read – written with great seriousness and paying homage to our fearless leaders, Lex Wilkinson and Don Reinhart – encompasses their valiant, unwavering efforts in preventing fraud within the telecom industry. As you read, you will follow the journey of their conquests against the fraudsters. We hope you enjoy reading this fine piece of history!


Once upon a time I met 
A happy little man, named Dan. 
Who, though a Fraudster he was not yet, 
Would make a funny plan…
“It’s not hard to make a buck 
All I need are SIMs you see, 
And plug them right into this box 
I’ll live in luxury!”
The plan was good 
It brought in checks 
But what poor Dan 
Forgot to plan 
Was another little man named Lex.
Lex had seen this box before 
It seems like easy honey 
Next thing you know 
Your cash will flow 
But it’s the operator’s money.
Lex, you see, was an honest guy 
And though fraud he’d love to try 
He knew it wrong, 
And so stayed strong 
And didn’t take from the operator’s pie.
So Lex called his old friend Don: 
“Hey Don we’ve got a problem. 
This guy named Dan 
has an evil plan, 
And now we've got to stop ’em.”
Don and Lex sat down to think 
And their minds began to stir. 
About five minutes later they had 
Invented Protocol Signature!
“We really are so smart” said Don. 
Lex said “It’s obviously true! 
When we turn our wee minds on 
It’s amazing what we can do.”
So Lex and Don assembled a team 
And proclaimed their blossoming dream: 
“There is a plan, 
By a man named Dan 
And this scam we must ban.
It is a fraudulent Scheme!"
Thus the team went right to work 
Hunting fraudsters down 
If you look close, you’ll see Lex smirk 
At poor Dan’s heavy frown.
Dan said “It’s hard to make my money now 
That LATRO is involved. 
They block my SIMs and shut me down 
Before I’ve even called!”
Dan was smart and quit the biz 
While he was ahead. 
He gave the stolen money back 
And with light conscience goes to bed.
All Dan’s friends, they weren’t so clean. 
They kept trying to assail 
The operator’s revenue streams, 
But now they’re all in jail.
So I end my little tale 
On gold, greed and glory. 
And if you let that greed prevail 
This might become your story.