ROCCO Research recently released its 2019 report on the performance of SIM Box Detection Vendors. The report is based on input and feedback from 134 mobile network operators across 111 countries. 17 vendors were considered in the report with the goal of providing an in depth analysis on “35+ Key Performance Indicators defined by MNOs: Leadership, General Performance, Performance on Key Aspects.”

ROCCO report on SIM Box Detection Vendors features LATRO as top tier vendor

Why is LATRO named as a Tier 1 and Leading Vendor?

We should not.

Although we scored higher in almost every rating dimension within the report than our competitors including Average Detection Time (which I would argue is probably the most important capability of any fraud control solution), we do not aspire to be a leading Detection Vendor.

I will say that receiving the highest marks in the categories of Reliability, Customer Service, Technical Expertise, Reputation, Transparency and Value for Money is quite flattering. But our single objective is that our customers receive few to no detections over their service period with us.

The Fraud Management business can be thankless. The RAFM professionals who are our customers rarely get a pat on the back when the fraud is low and leakages are contained. So, comments from them in the ROCCO report such as

“Worth every penny”

“Excellent service provider”

“LATRO knows what they are doing and grow every year”

are very meaningful indeed. We know that in many cases, those praises are not ringing every day in the halls of a typical telecom RAFM office.

So, we never want to be known as the leading “Detection” vendor. We want to be known as the leading “Elimination” vendor – the vendor that helps “Beat Fraud”. The vendor that causes the RAFM office space to be silent from the thankless echoes of zero detection reports. Because when you beat fraud, then you are leading.