Bypass Fraudsters are getting smarter. They must. We all know the international voice termination business is shrinking.

We are past the dawn of emergent Over-the-Top (OTT) applications and well into the new day of free and low cost ubiquitous voice and messaging services, allowing us to connect internationally for business and personal communications. This means a significant migration of international voice termination minutes away from the PSTN interconnect to IP data networks.

A recent report from GSA states that more than half of the countries with a live 4G network are in the developing world. VoLTE traffic will increase in these traditionally high voice termination revenue markets as IPX infrastructure grows. Again, this means a significant migration of voice interconnect minutes away from standard circuit switched IGWs.

Just as your Wholesale and Carrier Services teams are adjusting their business strategies and KPIs to deal with an evolving interconnect market, so also are our familiar fraudsters who are no longer making easy money from their SIM Box operations.

Until recently, bypass fraudsters enjoyed a financial boon due to technology advancements in SIM Gateways: lower cost device hardware, advanced detection avoidance software, and aggressive voice bundling by Mobile Network Operators. While Fraud Managers continued to buy over-marketed and underperforming TCG (test call generation) services, the fraudsters raked in healthy profits.

No more. Companies like LATRO and Mobius Wireless Solutions established multi-layered solutions with innovative SaaS and managed services, eliminating the “fat cat” business case for bypass fraudsters. Frustrated by geolocation powered equipment confiscations, proactive machine learning detection, and anti-spoofing signaling analytics, voice bypass fraudsters are thinning in traditionally infested markets. Compound this with decreasing termination traffic volumes due to OTT and VoLTE interconnect, our entrepreneurial fraudsters are seeking new, illicit revenue streams to line their pockets.

It’s no wonder we now see massive growth in advanced virtualized and distributed SIM technology, Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS bypass, Calling Line Identity (CLI) masking, and Refiling. Today, Fraud Managers must adapt their fight against bypass fraud across a wider range of clever termination schemes. While the circuit switched voice termination volumes may be shrinking, RAFM departments are tasked by senior management to work harder and smarter to protect the remaining but still highly valuable revenue streams.

This is why LATRO Services and Mobius Wireless Solutions have partnered together. We know that, as a RAFM professional, your job is to identify and implement solutions that exceed your toughest KPIs. And we know that requires the most innovative, multi-layered and fully integrated approach to a wide range of bypass fraud challenges. We alleviate the inefficiencies of multi-vendor system environments. Together, we are ready to support you in bringing the fight to the bypass fraudsters who are even more motivated to defeat standard RAFM tools.

You can read more about the exciting announcement of our unique and exclusive partnership here.  We will also be joining together at the GSMA Fraud and Security Group (FASG#11) in Tokyo on May 15-17, 2018. We look forward to meeting you there.

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