In 2020, the GSMA reported over 5.1 billion mobile subscribers globally – this unprecedented level of connectivity and information is at an all-time high. Modern network monitoring technology has advanced, providing operators with enormous amounts of data. Understanding this information can prove to be a daunting task – especially for fraud teams. The ability to translate numbers and figures into actionable intelligence for a fraud team is the key to achieving organizational goals and understanding the “why” can be the difference between considerable losses in revenue and beating fraud.   

At LATRO, we have continued to deliver industry-leading fraud detection results along with in-depth analysis that help fraud teams understand the “why.” One example of this is through recurring, detailed reports covering the latest SIM Box fraud trends, location estimates, and evolving fraudster behaviors. The LATRO Analyst team regularly collaborates one-on-one with clients to share corresponding insights and ideas as to how fraud teams can leverage this knowledge to their advantage. LATRO’s insights help fraud teams beat fraud before it happens.   

Recently, LATRO sent out a survey to our clients, asking them how LATRO’s unique solution and service combination aided them in their battle against the ever-growing fraud landscape. Here’s what they had to say:    

The Information Contained in LATRO Summary Reports is Valuable 

We seek to add critical insight for our customers to dynamic fraud trends and business decision making support. In order to understand how effectively LATRO delivers this insight to our customers, our survey asked them about the value of our reporting. Over 95% of our clients said that LATRO added value to their company in combatting and beating fraud before it happens through our insightful reports. LATRO Reports include valuable in-depth analyses that not only explain what trends exist but also the contributing factors to those trends. Our reports provide customers with insight into fraud behavior across their network and detailed recommendations on how to address it. For the 5% of survey respondents that disagreed, we adapted and customized our reporting to their unique needs, ensuring the information provided, exceeded expectations.   

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The Information Contained in LATRO Summary Reports is Actionable  

Another essential measure of value in any report is its capacity to positively impact organizational KPIs. Many MNOs have detailed and specific strategic and tactical KPIs, which are a driving force in decision making within their business. LATRO’s reports strive to deliver information that is not only valuable but actionable. When combined with the LATRO team’s’ insights and explanations of these results, customers are empowered to take action to address new trends and issues. 95% of LATRO’s customers state that LATRO’s reports help them not only understand the problem – but provide solutions to address them.  

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LATRO Reports Help Me Perform My Job Better 

The survey question  “How does LATRO help its customers perform their duties better?” is arguably the most important. In addition to our cutting-edge solutions, LATRO’s dedicated Operations team provides report interpretation, network knowledge, and advice to the clients. What sets LATRO apart from other vendors is our goal to provide the tools and insight to help fraud teams beat fraud, not simply detect it. Over 80% of our customers indicate that LATRO helps them perform their jobs better, and this reflects LATRO’s dedication to its customers’ goals and expertise, making our customers the heroes of our story.

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Client-provided Graph Illustrating LATRO’s Solution Effectiveness

In 2020, LATRO seeks to continue to provide insights, recommendations, and service to its customers in their goals to beat fraud. After receiving feedback from real customers, one conclusion is clear: LATRO’s solutions and services help its customers overcome fraud.